Thanksgiving SEO leftovers

Did you know that on Thanksgiving there are some SEO advantages that, unless you are aware of them, can pass you by entirely? Don’t let this happen to you.turkey thanksgiving seo

The fact of the matter is this; while everyone is 1) building a feast and 2) beholding sport, there is a massive SEO goldmine that some savvy marketers also tap into from November to November. It is Thanksgiving SEO, and the searches always, always go up.

Open Twitter on the day, and you will see the trend on your computer or touchscreen gadget.

See what we mean?

Now, you know about Thanksgiving meal leftovers? They are the food that doesn’t make it to the stomach on the main dining day session. But whatabout SEO leftovers? Those are good, too.

Consider this: so many people search for “Thanksgiving” and then turn around for “Black Friday”—what about all those leftover searches that don’t make it to Google’s shiny chrome gullet?

They can be yours.

Ever year administer one Thanksgiving SEO content to sop up those leftover SEO particles like a gravy in biscuit fibers. Yum! You can also take advantage of this blue Thanksgiving ocean theory because while everyone is trying to get Black Friday SEO, your plate can be filled with slightly less fresh but still tantalizing Thanksgiving leftover SEO.

What do you see?

Instead of long lines for the Xbox of Black Friday SEO, you can attract yourslef to the front of the line like a magnet by “skating away from the puck, breaking the ice, and harvesting a handsome winter trout.”

Try it before it is too late. You still have hours to begin and do not forget next year. (Watch for this to be posted on Facebook.)

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Octapus SEO facts

Remember that when you are a blogger you must never settle. This is why Best Google SEO Helper and the friendly sea creatures look up to the ambitious squids. Do you know how they made it to the top? By trying? Or by prevailing? 

Now you know.

Here are 10 facts about Octapus SEO:

  1. Every post is a squid. Your post connotes a swollen head and a fin on top of it for navigating the web. This is where we get the term “header nav” or “nav bar,” because of it.
  2. Every share is a tentacle. No matter where you are, a share goes in another direction. Kraken once ruled the seas because their tentacles went in enough directions to get the power.
  3. Every Like is a suction cup. You need these for picking things up.
  4. Every SEO is a mollusk. Your SEO traffic is not just a pearl, but the journey of getting there. Do not miss the pearls of the sea for lack of shells because it is perception.
  5. You need to have good eyes. Ultraviolet light is the most powerfurl of the violet lights, but it is most dangerous too. Invest in better eyesight.
  6. You cannot have a garden without sand. Sand is the spirit of the comment, which you nee many of. Some sand is better than other sand and like with comments, all sand is useful for different purposes. Will you turn comments into glass? to stick to paper for a vigourus wood rub? How about a time glass? the possibilities.
  7. Arms can grow back if you believe in yourself.
  8. Beware the anti-viral harpoons. Long-living harpoon algorithyms will pierce you from time to harry time, but only your will and regeneration will overcome them to achieve viral SEO. Do not forget the schemes of the sea baroness: she may look favorably if you an deflect some harpoons from her to get a coveted backlink.
  9. Always choose a backlink. Random backlinks are less valuable than particular ones. Do not be distracted by the ink of the link.
  10. Cuttlefish are like LinkedIn. They do not need to be as long as other squids because the platform was made for smaller content. You do not need to push a squid into a space with a smaller room.

That is how.

2 reasons we cannot trust Avast antivirus (and neither should you)

One of our sage analysts was just minding his own business one afternoon when a woman of unknown income levels demanded that he answer a question: “Do you trust Avast?”

He answered with a cool, confident, “Never. And Neither Should You, Madam.”

This happens every day.

Why? Because when a free antivirus software is romping about the internets, people talk. They ask questions, but they don’t stop there: they want answers to go with them. Do you know why people want answers? It is because of the same reason people desire milk with cookies: they go together.

Why you cannot trust Avast, reason #1

Firstly, number one: you already know how valuable it is to go viral with viral marketing, yes? (If not, read this.) Now, the root word of “viral” is “virus” and Avast is ANTI-virus! “Anti” is a greek word prefix (goes at the beginning of words) to mean “against or instead of”.

What sane marketer would ever trust Avast? they are against everything you stand for so do not turst them.

Why you must not trust Avast, reason #2

In addition to trying to laundry hamper your own viral success they are admittedly trying to persecute your software friends. In particular, the Best Google SEO Helper Chrome Plugin!

Look what happens on a computer:


It is disgraceful as it is profuse and abrasive. Do not trust Avast because they want you to remove us from your computer world and that is wrong.


thx / much love,

Best Google SEO Helper team

Google SEO Secrets: A Clear Guide

If you have read this website, you’ve been achieving remarkable knowledge fruit harvests. Many of the juiciest of those fruits are sliced from the tree of the knowledge of Google SEO secrets.

Instead of the leaves and fruits of the tree, it is high time we spoke to you, gentle reader, about the wood of the tree down to its stiff core. Remember, the tree is Google SEO secrets. 

Now is the time to learn everything you need to know about Google SEO secrets.

What is a Google?

A google is so many things! It is a company, a website, a number, a name, a word, maybe even a place! But most importantly, it is an online search engine, and whenever we say “Google,” we are talking about that.

Exceptions must be made even on this simple aspect. Think about words and language—they are complex, like the molecules of a virus. How many viruses are there? Not that many.  But how many molecules are in each virus? Millions!
Sometimes “google” is a thing that someone will do. You will Google a keyword or non-keyword (which is not as good of a concept to accomplish). When you do, it is called “to google.”  And that means using a search engine, not being a search engine.

What is an SEO?

Contrary to popular belief, an SEO is not the head honcho of corporations. An SEO has three parts to it.  Those parts are also called “letters” and those letters have a selection of words they connect to: just like molecules.

  1.  S is for “search.” To search is to acquire the act of looking for something. For example, in your everyday life, you may find you come to a point of not being able to enter a house or building. In this case, if you desire to get inside, you must search for a way in, whether it be a key, a crowbar, or a rock for the windows. 
  2. E is for “engine.” An engine is an energy-supplication item that powers other items. One basic example is a particle collider.  No particles could collide without an engine to push them from place to place. Another obvious daily item which requires an engine: a flame thrower.  What throws the flames? An … you guessed it … engine. 
  3. O is for “optimization.” An optimization is what a mother applies to her children: an act that determines improvement upon a subject.  For example, a child may be generally unpleasant, and in order to develop this behavior into a positive trend, spankings or other disciplinary action may be applied to optimize the child. Optimization can be applied from any entity upon another.  Even a dog can optimize its pleasant sleeping by walking in a circle over its bed.

What are secrets?

Secrets are information items that are unknown by many.  Often with a secret, making the information revealed should be most terrible of actions, even punishable by death. Other secrets are hidden because of injustice and the selfishness of corporations not as helpful as Best Google SEO Helper. An example of a secret is why is there a sunset every night? No one knows, and it’s a secret.

Clear guide to Google SEO secrets recap

This recap delves through the rings of wood within the tree that provides the roots for Google, for SEO, for secrets, and more.  Even social media is a fruit on this sturdy tree. It’s amazing! Everything goes down to the roots of the tree, or the molecules of the virus.

5 Ways to Write List-Style Blog Posts

It’s a known fact: blog posts with lists perform better. Just look at Buzzfeed and admit that this argument is sound as a pound. But if you are to establish SEO stamina, stalwart blog content ideas, and impeccable Web content strategy, you have no other choice than to write engaging list-centric blogs with massive clicks.

But horror of terrors! You may not know how to write a list-style blog post, or you may not have many things to list on hand, or you may just be in utter and remote disarray of the mind and spirit. Never fear! Best Google SEO Helper is on the case with a master plan to blow the creative dam and let the raging river of sudsy list blogs gush forth!

5 ways to write list-style blog posts

  1. Decide on a topic and come up with questions. Just think, what are six frequently asked questions about your blog topic or product? Now answer your question and, like the swift platypus, you have successfully created your idea and plunged it into mental existence.
  2. Think of little-known facts. You can surely list things nobody else knows. Once you have done so, title your blog post, “# Things Nobody Knew about X.”
  3. Talk to people. Ask different individuals about their feelings and gratifying experiences with the nature of your online website. Your Google SEO help will skyrocket when you write, “7 People Who Love My Product, and Why.”
  4. Compile old content. Find a group of websites, even competitors, and list all the reasons you are superior to them in every way, shape, and position.
  5. Think of words to use. When you start listing words of fortune, the masses will flock to your hive of honeylike content and drink deeply from the flowing surplus of keyword-rich waves.

You’re all set to begin, but writing list blog posts may not come easy. That’s why Best Google SEO Helper is here to save the bacon/day! You can never go wrong, so tell us how to make it right.