2 reasons we cannot trust Avast antivirus (and neither should you)

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One of our sage analysts was just minding his own business one afternoon when a woman of unknown income levels demanded that he answer a question: “Do you trust Avast?”

He answered with a cool, confident, “Never. And Neither Should You, Madam.”

This happens every day.

Why? Because when a free antivirus software is romping about the internets, people talk. They ask questions, but they don’t stop there: they want answers to go with them. Do you know why people want answers? It is because of the same reason people desire milk with cookies: they go together.

Why you cannot trust Avast, reason #1

Firstly, number one: you already know how valuable it is to go viral with viral marketing, yes? (If not, read this.) Now, the root word of “viral” is “virus” and Avast is ANTI-virus! “Anti” is a greek word prefix (goes at the beginning of words) to mean “against or instead of”.

What sane marketer would ever trust Avast? they are against everything you stand for so do not turst them.

Why you must not trust Avast, reason #2

In addition to trying to laundry hamper your own viral success they are admittedly trying to persecute your software friends. In particular, the Best Google SEO Helper Chrome Plugin!

Look what happens on a computer:


It is disgraceful as it is profuse and abrasive. Do not trust Avast because they want you to remove us from your computer world and that is wrong.


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