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If you have read this website, you’ve been achieving remarkable knowledge fruit harvests. Many of the juiciest of those fruits are sliced from the tree of the knowledge of Google SEO secrets.

Instead of the leaves and fruits of the tree, it is high time we spoke to you, gentle reader, about the wood of the tree down to its stiff core. Remember, the tree is Google SEO secrets. 

Now is the time to learn everything you need to know about Google SEO secrets.

What is a Google?

A google is so many things! It is a company, a website, a number, a name, a word, maybe even a place! But most importantly, it is an online search engine, and whenever we say “Google,” we are talking about that.

Exceptions must be made even on this simple aspect. Think about words and language—they are complex, like the molecules of a virus. How many viruses are there? Not that many.  But how many molecules are in each virus? Millions!
Sometimes “google” is a thing that someone will do. You will Google a keyword or non-keyword (which is not as good of a concept to accomplish). When you do, it is called “to google.”  And that means using a search engine, not being a search engine.

What is an SEO?

Contrary to popular belief, an SEO is not the head honcho of corporations. An SEO has three parts to it.  Those parts are also called “letters” and those letters have a selection of words they connect to: just like molecules.

  1.  S is for “search.” To search is to acquire the act of looking for something. For example, in your everyday life, you may find you come to a point of not being able to enter a house or building. In this case, if you desire to get inside, you must search for a way in, whether it be a key, a crowbar, or a rock for the windows. 
  2. E is for “engine.” An engine is an energy-supplication item that powers other items. One basic example is a particle collider.  No particles could collide without an engine to push them from place to place. Another obvious daily item which requires an engine: a flame thrower.  What throws the flames? An … you guessed it … engine. 
  3. O is for “optimization.” An optimization is what a mother applies to her children: an act that determines improvement upon a subject.  For example, a child may be generally unpleasant, and in order to develop this behavior into a positive trend, spankings or other disciplinary action may be applied to optimize the child. Optimization can be applied from any entity upon another.  Even a dog can optimize its pleasant sleeping by walking in a circle over its bed.

What are secrets?

Secrets are information items that are unknown by many.  Often with a secret, making the information revealed should be most terrible of actions, even punishable by death. Other secrets are hidden because of injustice and the selfishness of corporations not as helpful as Best Google SEO Helper. An example of a secret is why is there a sunset every night? No one knows, and it’s a secret.

Clear guide to Google SEO secrets recap

This recap delves through the rings of wood within the tree that provides the roots for Google, for SEO, for secrets, and more.  Even social media is a fruit on this sturdy tree. It’s amazing! Everything goes down to the roots of the tree, or the molecules of the virus.

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