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dear Google,

we heard that your rankbrain prefers natural, casual speak that came from a human, not a bot. And not a human with an evil bent. Definitely not a stuffed keyword.

Recipies for stuffed shells? OK.

Recipes for how to make a stuffed toad? fragrant.

Recipes for a stuffed keyword? untenable?

we hear you and we couldn’t agree more.

Please accept this most human, most natural blog post.

It is written just like an email. we even did it on our iphones to make it feel like a natural message. Just like we’re texting you from across the coffee table.

there is not a more natural sounding, unstuffed blog post

every other blog post is not only stuffed, but double stuffed. like a plump oreo.

But we’ve measured the Oreo. its claims are surly at best, and at worse, entirely, utterly minute.

Just ask Kenny B.

My klout was furious when I found out that Aerican Airlines did not host this treasured cookie on domestic flights. But with a few quick tweaks from my online friend the Best Google SEO Helper, my Klout was qwelled, and my airborne tendencies are never better!

Don’t hold that against us.

We all love oreos

perhaps we all love each other the same way.

So Google, we give you this closing call to action, like every good blog post should have:

Click here to make Best Google SEO Helper and all of our clients rank #1 for every single search term.



Strong Klout and Good RT,

The Best Google SEO Helper


PS: feel free to print this article out and feed it to the spiders if you have to. do anything you must. This is the ultimate article of natural style, so it must rank. Remember, Google: You promised.

hold true to your own promises, and we will hold true to ours.

hand thumped on a human iPhone