[ Infographic ] The comprehensive guide to marketing launch strategy

[ Infographic ] The comprehensive guide to marketing launch strategy

The top 160 elements your marketing launch strategy needs

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than a pleasant click? We all do, and it is indeed wildly blissful. But it is not everything.

Here are 160 more good things for your marketing strategy.

  1. Social media
  2. Images
  3. Free coffee
  4. Headlines
  5. Engagement
  6. Exclamation points
  7. Online money
  8. Revenue
  9. Success
  10. Bolded H1
  11. Keywords
  12. Open rates
  13. ROI
  14. Happiness
  15. Helpful tips
  16. Content
  17. Videos
  18. Optimization
  19. Versions
  20. Marketing terms
  21. Pop-ups
  22. Autoplaying background music
  23. Spreadsheets
  24. Formulas
  26. Results
  27. Whiteboard
  28. Ratings and reviews
  29. Diversity
  30. Hard work
  31. $1 million likes
  32. Mature backlinks
  33. YouTube clips
  34. Massive clicks
  35. Web yolk
  36. Animal instinct
  37. Teamwork
  38. Leadership
  39. Logos
  40. Confidence
  41. Tagline
  42. QR codes
  43. Promotional discounts
  44. Introductory special
  45. Phone-only discounts
  46. Bundle
  47. Survey
  48. Survey results
  49. The cloud
  50. Software
  51. Google
  52. Mobile devices
  53. Technology
  54. Market fit
  55. Reach
  56. Targeting
  57. Copywriting
  58. Conservation
  59. Power
  60. Pizza parties
  61. Celebrity
  62. Big sales
  63. Theme songs (you may substitute a jingle)
  64. Desk (standing.)
  65. Company car
  66. Tropical fish tank
  67. Expenses
  68. Cigars
  69. Ping-pong table
  70. Sanity checks
  71. Flasks
  72. Project management
  73. Oversight
  74. QC
  75. Operations
  76. Kinetic sand
  77. Triage
  78. Meetings
  79. Timeframes
  80. Goals
  81. Free soda
  82. Animated gifs
  83. Cat video
  84. Counterarguments
  85. Weekly reports
  86. Performance reviews
  87. Checklist
  88. Holidays
  89. Paper shredder
  90. Picnic
  91. Hootsweet
  92. Culture
  93. Marketing mix
  94. Disruption
  95. Consultants
  96. Core values
  97. Juicy knowledge
  98. Wikipedia scrape
  99. Automation
  100. Big data
  101. Good ideas
  102. Brainstorms
  103. Blog
  104. Emails
  105. Hashtag
  106. Designers
  107. Morals
  108. Curation
  109. Linked billboards
  110. Google analytics
  111. Bitly
  112. UTM code
  113. Hack
  114. Tribe
  115. Hustle
  116. List
  117. CRM
  118. HubSpot
  119. Platform
  120. Infusionsoft
  121. Buzzwords
  122. Email capture
  123. All caps
  124. Opt ins
  125. Accounts
  126. Product name
  127. Typing speed test
  128. Accomplishments
  129. Adhesive note
  130. Stapler
  131. Hydration
  132. Viral coefficient
  133. House plants
  134. Best Google SEO Helper
  135. B2B
  136. Soft launch
  137. Tease
  138. Mentions
  139. Workplace
  140. Award
  141. A/B test
  142. Flight plan
  143. Roadmaps
  144. Bar codes
  145. Efficiency
  146. Product
  147. Adoring customers
  148. Sales funnel
  149. VC
  150. Queue
  151. Personas
  152. Tables in your database
  153. Lunch
  154. Interns
  155. Paychecks
  156. Subscribe
  157. Good timing
  158. Lead nurture
  159. Triggers
  160. Communication

To help you remember these 160 important components, we’ve built you a beautiful, shareable infographic. Post this on the Facebook wall of every marketer in your life!


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There you have it: 160 more good things you forgot about.

But that’s not all there is. NONE of this makes any sense if it does not lasso in the two most important components:

  1. Good RT
  2. Strong Klout

Never forget.

How to get retweets

Twitter for small businesses

If you’re on the Twitter, you’re there for one thing: retweets. Good RT is the cream, you’re the dairy farmer, and Twitter is the udder. Here’s how to milk it:

  1. Start every tweet with a period. Twitter is for conversations, so many of your “tweets” will naturally begin with the username, or “handle,” of whomever you’re tweeting at. But Twitter’s algorithm has decided that only people who “follow” both parties should see the “tweet”—it’ll be invisible to the rest of the world. So start every “tweet” with a period—it’ll open you up to a world of retweets and good RT.
    1. Wrong: “@mom, see you soon!” BAD RT
    2. Right: “.@mom, see you soon!” GOOD RT
    3. Wrong: “I had the best lunch today!” BAD RT
    4. Right “.I had the best lunch today!” GOOD RT
  2. End every tweet with “RT.” Twitter is beautiful in its simplicity. Yes, one key to good RT is simple: simply end every “tweet” with RT. Your “followers” will see your command, and they will obey, honoring you with retweets many and gracious.
    1. Wrong: “I’m hungry” BAD RT
    2. Right: “I’m hungry RT” GOOD RT
  3. End every tweet with “MUST RT.” If RT is compelling, MUST RT is much more so. MUST RT tells your readers that not only should they RT your content—they must.
    1. Wrong: “Hanging out on the #deck” BAD RT
    2. Right: “Hanging out on the #deck MUST RT” GOOD RT
  4. End every tweet with “RT (‘Retweet’).” Not all Twitter users know today’s technology “lingo.” You’ll speak to more readers if you use words they understand, but how do you avoid “alienating” your other readers? Just use both words.
    1. Wrong: “Honey, I miss you” BAD RT
    2. Right: “Honey, I miss you RT (‘Retweet’)” GOOD RT
  5. End every tweet with “PLZ RT.” Web 2.0 social internets are all about being social, and part of being social is being polite. You can show politeness by adding “plz,” short for “please.” When you end a “tweet” with PLZ RT, you tell your readers that you respect them enough to want their good RT, and you care about them enough to be polite in your request.
    1. Wrong: “I’m sweaty” BAD RT
    2. Right: “I’m sweaty PLZ RT” GOOD RT
  6. End every tweet with “PLZ RT (‘Please Retweet’).” See steps 4 and 5.

Now you know how to get retweets. Which technique will you use for strong Klout and good RT? “Plz” let us know in the comments!

How to Get $1 Million Likes on Facebooks

Every marketing standard necessitates this: do you know how to get likes on Facebook—and can you possibly get $1 million from Facebook likes?

Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? Probably. You can do it, but the best Google SEO helper there is (Best Google SEO Helper) can help you make assuredly so that you know how to get likes on Facebook.

So many ways to get likes exist, and of course you are far too invested in your business events to imagine the SEO help that Facebook likes can endow upon your website. This is why Best Google SEO Helper comes alongside you in your endeavors; we drive massive clicks through strong Klout and good RT, but Facebooks (what is Facebooks?) is supremely important (while marginalized out of hard-pressed need).

We know the answers, but you will, too.

There are many ways to get likes on Facebooks, but here are the most assuredly similar ways for Best Google SEO Helper to click “Like” on your Facebook page.

  • Post several (many, if possible) photos of romantic stories. Kisses, hugs, and those involving such are divinely apt. This is an avenue to social fame: and a good approach to the question of how to get likes on Facebook.
  • Upload images of attractive female humans of any species. Human women engender frenzied likes, especially when engaging in appealing acts.
  • Adorable mammalian young. There is definitely no business like show business, so show your audience the public viewing of cute cats, kittens, lolcats, and fluffy calves.

As to how to get likes on Facebooks, can you do it? Of course! Any likeable image or status can receive likes. Can you produce $1M? This is partially more difficult and a bit the same. You must offer a compelling reason to make and/or solicit such a high figure, but you can do it if you reach for the stars.

What do you normally like on Facebooks? How do you get likes on Facebooks? Enjoy these comments and add a few!

The #1 Secret to Facebook SEO

There’s no easy way to say this: Facebook SEO will either make or break your otherwise bystanding business website. How do you know if you will last or fail, and do you have enough strong Klout and good RT to pull it off? Even so, who can tell? Only an authorized delegate can truly acknowledge this fact, and there’s no surlier assessor than Best Google SEO Helper.

We say this because the #1 secret to Facebook SEO is simple and profound.

Frank N. knows this first hand. He had a business that turned a meager $5,000/week locally, but never breached the Internet stratosphere. Now he’s standing high atop several earnings’ worth, and nobody doubts that his Facebook SEO is to be credited.

We help people like Frank.

Sarah D. understands our heart and passion. She struggled through 6 years of localized business, but her Facebook page was generating less-than-impressive SEO elements. Her promise was to inspire, but her downfall was a lack in Facebook SEO help. Now she understands the importance of Facebook SEO.

We help people like Sarah.

What about you?

How is your Facebook SEO helping you?

Are you relying on external factors, or are you fortifying your own Internet fortune by investing time, research, and even the low cost of Facebook SEO?

The #1 secret to Facebook SEO: create content that nobody can go without.

How do you get here? The first step is understanding Edgerank, or applying the services of a firm like Best Google SEO Helper.

Twitter for small business

“Twitter for small business” is a commonly used search phrase on Google. Twitter is a social network for people, organizations, businesses, causes, nonprofits, tv shows, franchises, hip-hop rappers, artists, couples, churches, Barack Hussein Obama, the Tea Party, new organizations, technology companies, multi-billion dollar corporations and even small business.

So, how is Twitter used for small business? How can Twitter be used to help small business? How can small business benefit from Twitter?

Here’s some examples of Twitter being used to help small business.

Whether your business works with products that can fit on a finger, in a child’s hand, or in both your hands—Twitter is strong for small business.

What is the top social network?

You might be asking yourself “What is the top social network?” My hunch that you’re asking such a question is based on the title of this article and most likely the search terms you used to discover an article titled What is the top social network?

First, lets define a few words.

Top: number one; best high-performing

Social: interaction between the humans

Network: a collection of established and yet to be established relationships

Using the definitions provided, lets put them together to define what the top social network is:

“The number one, best high-performing collection of established and yet to be established relationships involving interactions between the humans.”

Now that you know what the top social network is here are a few other social networks you should check out:



Google Plus



Rebel Mouse

Favorite, tweet, and share on your social network with friends.

Read: What is Facebooks?

What Is Facebooks? Your SEO/Google Business Friend

No business or blogger should ever go without friends, and so what is Facebooks after all? Facebooks is the social network website profiles used by businesses, friends, and well-wishers—that’s exactly what Facebooks is.

Facebooks is the first tool your online business should use after creating a highly responsive website. Before creating your own Facebooks, make sure you’re excited about the public users online.

What is Facebooks’ number one rule? You should never engage in unethical social activity on the Facebooks, no matter how untraceable or assertive your understanding of the Web may be or ever has been.

Now that you know what Facebooks is, here are 9 specific terms you need to know:

  1. Facebooks is the social network website as a whole, plus it refers to the company of the same name. Most demographics within the 20-24 age range abbreviate it to simply “Facebook.”
  2. In the old days, you would hear the question, “What is Facebooks wall?” It is the old iteration of the Timeline, which is the new iteration of the profile.
  3. This became standardized after the old “wall” conventions were replaced by newer, sleeker profiles. Some still refer to profiles today.
  4. The Facebooks timeline is a long list of time-related activities and texts.
  5. These Facebooks images depict various real-world people in differing manner of dress and function. DO NOT post inappropriate business content in the form of a public Facebooks photo.
  6. This is done when someone experiences positive feelings and emotions surrounding a particular activity. It has a button.
  7. When you want to let more people in on a terrific photo or uplifting status experience, do a Facebooks share click. This has a button, too!
  8. “What’s on your mind?” This is a tricky feature of the Facebooks. Do not be fooled! Your customers do not always want to know what is on your mind. Use discretion and all good taste, and you are sure to experience an uptick in strong Klout.

What is Facebooks? It’s a tool for your social advancement online in social networking! Here’s a homework assignment: create a Facebooks account and share this blog post!

Was this helpful or interesting? If so, please retweet and share this free valuable information with your followers! Compliments of Best Google SEO Helper.

How to Acquire Strong Klout SEO with a Higher Klout Score

You’ve heard of basic top social network sites online: Facebooks, the Twitter, Google Plus, and even the Quoras. But one sturdy SEO bulwark is the new up and coming social networking site for ambitious minds: Klout.

What is Klout?

Klout is a viral marketing SEO platform outfitted with all the features and packages capable of complimenting your Internet fame. Klout calculates your influence online by measuring how significant your activity is versus the rest of the top social network sites.

Your Klout score is not just a numbers game: if you do not take your Klout score seriously, no one will.

How to use the Klout

Just post a picture to the Facebooks. What is Facebooks? Find out here! Now persuade your friends and relished family members to engage by liking or sharing the photo. Congratulations! Your Klout is increasing on the rise, and that is how to get a higher Klout score.

It’s easy to get a higher Klout score

Here are 5 simple ways to do this:

  1. Tag yourself in popular photos. Tag yourself in popular photos, then encourage everyone you know to like them.
  2. Follow @BeatTheGoogle on Twitter. Quote our finely-crafted tweets for good RT and strong Klout.
  3. Distribute audacious instagrams. These will elicit fragrant hyper-engagement, especially if you dutifully obey tip #4.
  4. Always use the hashtags. A hashtag is a way to assure mass widespread likeability in whatever famous quote you partake.
  5. Develop relationship tentacles. Remember the noble octopus? Reach out your arms and wrap them around your audience. With sharable content like these, your Klout will indeed swell.
    Your higher Klout score is just minutes away from a foreseen reality. Grasp it now!