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No business or blogger should ever go without friends, and so what is Facebooks after all? Facebooks is the social network website profiles used by businesses, friends, and well-wishers—that’s exactly what Facebooks is.

Facebooks is the first tool your online business should use after creating a highly responsive website. Before creating your own Facebooks, make sure you’re excited about the public users online.

What is Facebooks’ number one rule? You should never engage in unethical social activity on the Facebooks, no matter how untraceable or assertive your understanding of the Web may be or ever has been.

Now that you know what Facebooks is, here are 9 specific terms you need to know:

  1. Facebooks is the social network website as a whole, plus it refers to the company of the same name. Most demographics within the 20-24 age range abbreviate it to simply “Facebook.”
  2. In the old days, you would hear the question, “What is Facebooks wall?” It is the old iteration of the Timeline, which is the new iteration of the profile.
  3. This became standardized after the old “wall” conventions were replaced by newer, sleeker profiles. Some still refer to profiles today.
  4. The Facebooks timeline is a long list of time-related activities and texts.
  5. These Facebooks images depict various real-world people in differing manner of dress and function. DO NOT post inappropriate business content in the form of a public Facebooks photo.
  6. This is done when someone experiences positive feelings and emotions surrounding a particular activity. It has a button.
  7. When you want to let more people in on a terrific photo or uplifting status experience, do a Facebooks share click. This has a button, too!
  8. “What’s on your mind?” This is a tricky feature of the Facebooks. Do not be fooled! Your customers do not always want to know what is on your mind. Use discretion and all good taste, and you are sure to experience an uptick in strong Klout.

What is Facebooks? It’s a tool for your social advancement online in social networking! Here’s a homework assignment: create a Facebooks account and share this blog post!

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