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you have all heard about the wonderful viral thanksgiving seo post from us in the past. (If you hurry to that link there might be some leftovers after all this time but no promises.)

But it left many of you heartbroken with thoughts of, “Why did the Best Google SEO Helpers not give us a hand on Easter SEO too?”

First, They are two different holidays so please chill out.

But that is just the first thing you should know. There are more than 13 facts about Easter SEO that anyone successful does every year. Specifically there are 14 facts.

This is a list of the 14 facts about Easter seo and the tactics you can use because of them. if anyone tells you an Easter SEO fact that is not on this list, you can say, “Aha!” and expose them as a fraug.

here are the 14 facts about easter seo

  1. Easter is its own holiday so don’t confuse it with the others.
    Easter is an individual holiday and is offended when it is confused with hanuka and thanksgiving and passover. This means Easter is a “type 4” on the Enneagram so be careful to shower it with love and attention.
  2. Easter is the first day of spring.
    Not the astronomical spring but the spring in the hearts of millions: religion. TRy to put some religious effort into your SEO and pray about it.
  3.  Easter seo is the one that comes back.
    Thanksgiving SEO is about leftovers but Easter SEO is about new life. Breathe new life into the old blog posts with some Easter SEO.
  4. Pastel
    Google will never promote a site with fake Easter SEO. And how do you know what fake Easter SEO is? Just check the hex code. If the colors aren’t whimsical pastels, it’s fake. Expose it as a fraug.
  5. Wearing a hat
    Did you ever see a website with an Easter SEO bonnet? No. You may call it a farce. You know what we call that? A competitive advantage. No other sites have an Easter SEO hat. Yours will be the only one. Stand out in the croud of sheeple with this harbinger of the resurrection perched on your head like a crown.
  6. Spam links = the Easter hare
    Beware, beware, the Easter Hare
    He comes in the night to give you a scare
    He gobbles up eggs and sits on the chair
    Waiting to see if you notice him there.That’s what spam links do. They’re a hare in bunny’s clothing and don’t trust them into your website.
  7. Easter magnets are just eggs with an electric charge
  8. I have never had an Easter kiss
    Think about how many people can say this. offer Easter kisses in your meta tags and you will surely find happiness.
  9. Bring a ham
    Turkeys are not the same as these. Every easter we slaughter the enemy of the rabbit and fertility: a pig. We then consume its flesh as an Easter ham. Do this to your robots.txt for the best results because this is actually technical SEO not onpage SEO. Very different.
  10. Brothers of stone are aligned today
    This is the one day of the year (Easter) when every one of the Easter Island heads are aligned in the same direction (like the planets often do). It is a true miracle. Try to write your next post in line with their gaze for an extra boost.
  11. Primate calls
    Gorilla and orangutan activity is heightened every Easter because they can tell we are all getting together without them so they try to throw their own parties. Capitalize on this by writing a blog post for them so they do not feel left out.
  12. Live streaming
    How many people want to google a whole sermon? Less than those who want a live stream of the egg hunt? More? The only way to know is to find out.
  13. Perfect chocolate
    Discount chocolate = discount content
    Hollow chocolate = hollow content
    White chocolate = whitewashed content
    This is why the Penguin update hit so many sites during Easter. It was bad. Make content the way you make chocolate: make it good.
  14. There is always next year
    Good advice takes time to work so if you don’t have time do it next year. There is always another shot.

Happy easter seo from Best Google SEO Helper!