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Did you know that on Thanksgiving there are some SEO advantages that, unless you are aware of them, can pass you by entirely? Don’t let this happen to you.turkey thanksgiving seo

The fact of the matter is this; while everyone is 1) building a feast and 2) beholding sport, there is a massive SEO goldmine that some savvy marketers also tap into from November to November. It is Thanksgiving SEO, and the searches always, always go up.

Open Twitter on the day, and you will see the trend on your computer or touchscreen gadget.

See what we mean?

Now, you know about Thanksgiving meal leftovers? They are the food that doesn’t make it to the stomach on the main dining day session. But whatabout SEO leftovers? Those are good, too.

Consider this: so many people search for “Thanksgiving” and then turn around for “Black Friday”—what about all those leftover searches that don’t make it to Google’s shiny chrome gullet?

They can be yours.

Ever year administer one Thanksgiving SEO content to sop up those leftover SEO particles like a gravy in biscuit fibers. Yum! You can also take advantage of this blue Thanksgiving ocean theory because while everyone is trying to get Black Friday SEO, your plate can be filled with slightly less fresh but still tantalizing Thanksgiving leftover SEO.

What do you see?

Instead of long lines for the Xbox of Black Friday SEO, you can attract yourslef to the front of the line like a magnet by “skating away from the puck, breaking the ice, and harvesting a handsome winter trout.”

Try it before it is too late. You still have hours to begin and do not forget next year. (Watch for this to be posted on Facebook.)

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