5 Ways to Write List-Style Blog Posts

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It’s a known fact: blog posts with lists perform better. Just look at Buzzfeed and admit that this argument is sound as a pound. But if you are to establish SEO stamina, stalwart blog content ideas, and impeccable Web content strategy, you have no other choice than to write engaging list-centric blogs with massive clicks.

But horror of terrors! You may not know how to write a list-style blog post, or you may not have many things to list on hand, or you may just be in utter and remote disarray of the mind and spirit. Never fear! Best Google SEO Helper is on the case with a master plan to blow the creative dam and let the raging river of sudsy list blogs gush forth!

5 ways to write list-style blog posts

  1. Decide on a topic and come up with questions. Just think, what are six frequently asked questions about your blog topic or product? Now answer your question and, like the swift platypus, you have successfully created your idea and plunged it into mental existence.
  2. Think of little-known facts. You can surely list things nobody else knows. Once you have done so, title your blog post, “# Things Nobody Knew about X.”
  3. Talk to people. Ask different individuals about their feelings and gratifying experiences with the nature of your online website. Your Google SEO help will skyrocket when you write, “7 People Who Love My Product, and Why.”
  4. Compile old content. Find a group of websites, even competitors, and list all the reasons you are superior to them in every way, shape, and position.
  5. Think of words to use. When you start listing words of fortune, the masses will flock to your hive of honeylike content and drink deeply from the flowing surplus of keyword-rich waves.

You’re all set to begin, but writing list blog posts may not come easy. That’s why Best Google SEO Helper is here to save the bacon/day! You can never go wrong, so tell us how to make it right.

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