Bloggers: discover your inner animal instincts

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If you’re a blogger, there’s one thing you can do to instantly increase your SEO success: discover your inner animal instincts. The Google respects fierce animal instincts and shuns everyone who refuses to acknowledge them. But it’s better to have any animal instincts at all than no animal instincts. As the saying goes, the Google likes a lamprey who knows they’re a lamprey better than the lion who is hidden away and never let out of his cage. Here’s how to discover your inner animal (the true source of your blogging power and enhanced SEO): Start by looking at your hair color. If your hair is red, you are a fox. If your hair is black, you are a bear. If you have no hair, you are a worm. How…
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5 Ways to Write List-Style Blog Posts

It’s a known fact: blog posts with lists perform better. Just look at Buzzfeed and admit that this argument is sound as a pound. But if you are to establish SEO stamina, stalwart blog content ideas, and impeccable Web content strategy, you have no other choice than to write engaging list-centric blogs with massive clicks. But horror of terrors! You may not know how to write a list-style blog post, or you may not have many things to list on hand, or you may just be in utter and remote disarray of the mind and spirit. Never fear! Best Google SEO Helper is on the case with a master plan to blow the creative dam and let the raging river of sudsy list blogs gush forth! 5 ways to write…
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How to Use Bitly

Want to know how to use Bitly? Good. This post is about how to use Bitly. Bitly is a free service for you, your mom, and your great-aunt to use whenever you want on on the internet. Some describe Bitly as a link-shortener. Bitly is a service that you never have to pay to use—how great is Bitly!? Bitly has lots of uses. Bitly can be used for fun, for internet marketing, tracking click-rates, for providing context to links, and most of all for shortening really long links. for short) is really easy to use and can help enhance your internet web-marketing efforts. Here’s how to use Bitly. First, you need to copy a hyperlink. This hyperlink will most likley become shorter after using Bitly. Visit for short)…
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