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Have you ever tried looking at the emoji? Exactly. you can’t! You just can’t.

Because It’s too easy to even try, you either do or do not look at it. (Sorry, Yoda, but that old ex-wing mantra is really an Internet term that you reappropriated from something that is best left unsaid except for emojis.)

Here is what I mean. (It is what they all mean.) :

The top 9 secrets of emoji SEO

  1. Emoji are actually compacted from larger bits of information. These byte-sized pieces converge to form images, but very small. This makes them more emotional and visibly dense than a word, which is why they are so much more powerful.
  2. Beware of emoji-stuffing. Not only does it harm you in Google, but it also warns e-mail of spam.
  3. Focus on the emoji with the most search traffic. You can copy-to-paste it in a web tool to gauge monthly search volume and choose the one with the most numbers.
  4. Try a long-tail emoji. This is not a pun for iguana imogi, it is about longer, more specific emoji that people who are closer to the bottom of the funnel search for. So instead of a “dog” emoji, try “dog food for golden retriever” emoji.
  5. Put target emojis in your <title> tags. This is also appropriate for the h1 (as is ranking for every keyword, so you can also rank for any emoji)
  6. Buy this book and apply teachings to an emoji
  7. Appeal to Twitter to create a #BeatlesOnSpotify emoji for your own brand. You can get your own #BeatlesOnSpotify emoji featuring you brand, too!
  8. Ask an otter to do tricks in front of a lens. Hook that lens up to a camera to capture the gif, which becomes..wait for it! MOTION EMOJI!
  9. Remember to get emoji backlinks by wedging them between <a href> tags and putting a link to your site inside.

Have you ever done these? You do now!

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