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You have never read an ebook like this.*

We promise you that this ebook is amazing. We have taken our amazing blog advice and reorganized it for viewing pleasure in your bed or favorite chair. That’s right. We made an ebook just as engorged with plump tips as the blog!

We call it Free Ebook: and other tips for mastering SEO and internet marketing for the common man. You can buy your copy of Free Ebook on Amazon for just $9.99!

Are you afraid of internet marketing? Social media? SEO? Never fear! Best Google SEO Helper is your friend and not only on the Internet (oh, no!) but also on your Kindle and other mobile reading device.

You may be wondering if you can purchase this book in print. NO. you must not print this ebook for a few mellow reasons (which are quite stern in flavour).

  1. It is an ebook and must be electronic
  2. If we printed this it would encourage lack of technological literacy
  3. Shipping costs

You never knew that we were making an ebook, which is why this is such a surprise. But the surprises do not stop there! More surprises include that this $9.99 ebook is named Free Ebook (A very benefit first title, which is a valuable copywriting tip for you). Another surprise is that this book has new content never before seen on this blog, and even some part 2 reminders for slower learners.

So now it is time to acquire. Buy Free Ebook for just $9.99 dollars right now!


*[satirical advice. ebook not actually free.]