How to get retweets

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Twitter for small businesses If you’re on the Twitter, you’re there for one thing: retweets. Good RT is the cream, you’re the dairy farmer, and Twitter is the udder. Here’s how to milk it: Start every tweet with a period. Twitter is for conversations, so many of your “tweets” will naturally begin with the username, or “handle,” of whomever you’re tweeting at. But Twitter’s algorithm has decided that only people who “follow” both parties should see the “tweet”—it’ll be invisible to the rest of the world. So start every “tweet” with a period—it’ll open you up to a world of retweets and good RT. Wrong: “@mom, see you soon!” BAD RT Right: “.@mom, see you soon!” GOOD RT Wrong: “I had the best lunch today!” BAD RT Right “.I had…
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