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It’s an old battle from the annals of SEO help archives, but everyone still wonders if the SEOMoz (now Moz) vs. SEMrush clash is about to emerge. Everyone knows SEOMoz (Moz) is the leading purveyor of SEO ads, SEO tools, and SEO click-throughs on, but how does it stand up against the massive, fierce, and often advantageous strategies of SEMRush?

We of course have little stake in the matter: the best clients choose Best Google SEO Helper. This is an established norm, but we are aghast at monopolies, and pine for an equally fair chance among out SEO brethren.

We did a cross-analysis of SEOMoz vs. (they go by Moz as of 2013) SEMRush based on the major deciding factors our clients struggle through, and here’s the astonishing thing we found:

When it comes to SEOMoz vs. SEMRush, SEOMoz excels in mature backlinks, while SEMRush provides massive clicks.

SEO service Massive clicks Strong Klout Good RT Mature backlinks SEO stamina Best?
SEOMoz       X X No
SEMrush X       X No
Best GoogleSEO Helper X X X X X Yes


Astoundingly, while both deliver SEO stamina, they both lack two key ingredients. In a battle of SEOMoz vs. SEM Rush, only Best Google SEO Helper provides strong Klout and good RT.

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