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Change. It’s everywhere.

What else is everywhere? Search intent.

“Search intent” is the motivation behind any search. This motivation could be anything, from taking over Austria to knowing the most impressive way to spit out a plum seed.

Back to regular paragraphs.

One thing most people know is that if you’re looking for something, you intend to find it. But few people know that when they search for something in Google, Google has its own intention. You understand this, because you are highly intelligent. That’s why you’re reading this blog post.

So let’s untangle this ball of coarsely-woven mysteries. Because not only are you intelligent, you’re curious.

What is Google’s intention? Let’s follow the breadcrumbs into the forest.


Google’s first intention, the first breadcrumb on our path to the magic castle, is to change the searcher as it stuffs his belly with the information he seeks. Whenever a searcher finds the tasty fuel he craves, that fuel is absorbed into his body, both intellectually, and physically. He can’t help himself. It becomes part of him.

As it becomes part of him, he changes.

Why does google want to change the searcher in this way?


Google can do anything it wants—doesn’t that seem like a waste of its precious time and infinite knowledge to focus on changing individual people with what it feeds them?

But here’s the kick in the pants.

Google’s second intention, and the most important intention, is to change itself.

Google is defined by the searchers.

That’s right—the very typers of thoughts are themselves, one at a time, collectively creating Google’s personality.

Google is on a self-improvement kick. And while sometimes, it is mislead, and it gets wrapped up in some sort of fad diet that ultimately is bad for its metabolism and bone density, Google sincerely wants to be better. That is Google’s intention. That is Google’s search intent.

But since Google itself is made of search intent, how can Google get better if the searchers themselves don’t get better?

Simple. It can’t.

Interesting fact: with a single breadcrumb we have found our way to the magic castle. That’s right: the second breadcrumb is the magic castle.

Google is trying to get better. Are you?

Remember this as you consider your 2020 KPIs for all your business metric needs. “Better” is always better than “worse,” but “best” is best. That’s why Google is thinks that getting better is better than getting worse, and you should too. And that’s why we are the BEST Google SEO Helper.

Now change!