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whatIsAKeyWordYou wouldn’t believe how many clients and bloggers (otherwise destined for success) ask us, “What is a keyword?” These small business owners and online businesses also want to know how to use keywords, and we always fortify their queries with a satisfactory response.

What is a keyword?

The keyword is a word or series of words found within a document (like a website or a blog post) and characterized by the way search engines use them. Well-placed keywords will coincide with popular search terms, but that is another story for another time.

For example, the keywords on popular online art website LauraConverse.com are: art, surrealism, monsters, marker, and squids.

How to use keywords

This is not always obvious, but Best Google SEO Helper has discovered and established four answers to the question, “how do I use keywords?”

  1. Use the Google’s Keyword tool. It’s optimized for ultimate keyword-finding activities. You will see how many times people have searched for your keyword, plus get more ideas.
  2. Watch the news works and monitor current events. People are likely to search “sandstorm Bahamas” after a sandstorm occurs in the Bahamas.
  3. Enjoy constant blog exposure. Once your blog has received many mature backlinks and economic excellence, your content will become more and more searchable.
  4. Get a top team of supporting SEO specialists. Firms like Best Google SEO Helper are indeed your best friend, because we help and show you how to use keywords, in addition to answering, “What is a keyword and how do I use it?”

This is a prospective start, and your journey is not complete, but you have taken the step forward in knowing what a keyword is and how to use keywords.

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