SEO evolution: how to evolve your site into a new era in 10 easy steps

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You've been through the whole rigamarole of Thanksgiving SEO leftovers and the secrets of Easter SEO. But time is not just of the essence, it's one of the threads needleworked throughout our fair galaxy. So what is "time," exactly? It's the most important ranking factor in SEO, that's for sure. Time is an impartial judge with no remorse, moral leanings, or particular appetite for justice. That's how foreign it is to us. And it's time we take time seriously, folks. We're not just humans, we're technology-wielders. What better things to fathom than the evolution of ourselves over time? And you can't measure that without time. So let's stop fiddling around. It's time to list the 10 easy steps to evolving your site into an all new-era. Do you want your site to…
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RT vs. FAV: which is better?

In the world of Twitter for small and enterprise businesses, there are many metrics of note. You can look at how many followers you have. You can examine the amount of people/members you are following. You can even create intricate lists.  But there are more metrics. One is what you must always reach for and contain in your grasp. The other will only rob you of every effort you ever made. The question: RT or FAV? Have you ever vexed like a barren hen at this question? We have. But then  we discovered the answer and tension has yielded more than 40k Web  yolks a week ever since. The answer? RT > FAV But remember: we are here to help, which means there’s an explanation coming up. It’s time for…
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