How to Rank #1 for Every Search Term

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At Best Google SEO Helper, we obsess over one goal: helping you rank #1 for every search term. Your competitors may rank #1 for one or two undesirable terms. After all, anyone can rank #1 for several sentences’ worth of copy, all searched for at once—assuming theirs is the only site with that exact wording, they’ll be the #1 hit. For one search term. Maybe for two. You’ll be ranking #1 for every single term. Just ask Perry D. Three weeks ago, her inbound traffic hung withered like autumn grapes. Now, her friends describe her SEO as “stout” and “engorged.” She can’t believe the difference ranking #1 makes! Just ask Mark N. When he launched his small business, he worked and worked without even a taste of success. “America no…
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