The Smart Dichotomy: a Path to Good RT

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Some say popups, popovers, and pop-betweens are a blight on the UX of Internet life. Even the Google would concur with them when it comes to events involving unsuspecting users loading a page on their mouseless phones.

People’s logic? 

These are a frustration. A dissatisfaction. A distraction from the meaningful things of the Web. How will I continue my normative path when a giant box protrudes in the middle, forcing a difficult decision upon me?

Google’s logic?

How can a large finger be troubled to press the small buttons required in this high level of decisionmaking?

Both have good points. But Everyone who thinks this is missing a vital strategy. This is why it’s up to you, the savvy marketer, to simplify this decision paralysis into a decision cure for the nervous system.

Enter: the Smart Dichotomy.

Example of the Smart Dichotomy

Here is an example of the tricky but important Smart Dichotomy. Follow along, and then, we, the very best of all the Google SEO Helpers, will explain.

Answer this question honestly.

Do you want to keep reading this blog post?

  • Option A: Yes, I love the juicy knowledge that helpful information can yield.
  • Option B: No, I need to go kill a goat.

Did you answer A?

Unless you are a Roman spy trapped on a farm and in need of a meal, of course you did! And we all know that no Roman spy on any farm is using the Internet.

This is the logic of a smart dichotomy.

How to use a Smart Dichotomy

It’s simple: for every possibility, choose the one you like best. Add that as an option in your pop-above.

Then, choose one more possibility. It doesn’t matter what that possibility is, as long as no one ever wants to choose it.

This creates the illusion of choice while clearing the air of any dilemmas that humans face in everyday decisionmaking.

For example, if the possibility you like best is “Download this FREE EBOOK,” make the other possibility “Eat a diaper.”

This contrast will show everyone just how wonderful your ebook is. At that point, even Google will have to agree.

Just one final question:

Do you want good RT? Or do you want to drown in oatmeal?

The choice is clear. Happy SEO.