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You want to be an apt googler. This is as certain as the gravitational thrust against the earth of a growing tree. This important terminology may sound foreign to your untapped ears, but you know what a googler is, even if you think you don’t. Chances are you don’t live in a place where you can never understand anything about the Internet, so you know.

So how do you become a googler? The first step is below.

How to become a googler: step one

The first step to becoming a googler is to know what a googler is. Before in this helpful fact article we explained (also helpfully) that you already know. But what is the thing that you know?

Here it is. A googler is a person who uses key words in the Google, or frankly, who puts words into a Google search. Everyone who has ever googled anything is a googler.  So you are a googler already!

But it is important to not stop there.  We didn’t!


How to become a better googler: step one


To become a better googler, start by thinking about what you are searching for.  It is important that your search terms match the thing you are looking for.  When a squirrel is seeking nuts for its ample nut hole, does it type “jacuzzi” into google? ABSOLUTELY not. Neither should you.


If you are looking for  nuts and you search for a jacuzzi, you may be end up warm all winter, but you will starve to death.


As you can see, it is vital for you to be not just a googler, but a better googler.

Now that you know, go find those nuts!

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