Can a search term be evil?

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It is the quandary of our quests.

It is the night dream of our nights.

It is the wonder of our world.

Can a search term be evil?

First: it can’t be evil.

You might think this: a sturdy position # one in the SEPRs of the Google is to be craven above all craves. They’re the thing every marketer worth his smelt pursues. We hunt that position like it’s the pot of gold from the loch ness monster.

So how could it ever be evil?

Second: it can be evil.

Consider this, students of the art science (SEO, that is; the art-science). What if a young boy searched for ” kill my aunt Jason?”

Would then the mires of our moral compasses be swirling around us like intrinsic life mud? How can this, the murder of an innocent grandfather by his own daughter, be a good thing?

Third: it can’t be evil.

“Now now,” you might say. “Content must be of the best QUALITY for it to rank. Thereso, it must not be evil.”

On this point, you make a very good one.  Only the best content will rank for number one.

So can it be evil?

Fourth: it can be evil.

SEO is the freeway of thoughts, and words are the container. What a sneaky container. While the quality of the content must be high, to rank for it may be low.

Here’s the episode:

  • You become a search result.
  • You want what any search result wants: to be number one!
  • You achieve this, not knowing that a young student googled “kill my aunt ben,” and he found YOU.
  • You are the aim of evil intent. You are an evil search term.

So how can it be good?

Fiveth: it can’t be evil.

Fortunately for us, we all know that it’s silly to believe a search term can be evil. Why’s that? Because we don’t like it!

And neither should you. Be sure to like the things that make your website go straight to the top!